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Dear fellow New Democrat,

To grow, we can’t settle for what we’ve done for the last two decades. We must have a 107 riding strategy to win. Andrea Horwath and Jack Layton taught us to settle for nothing less. Here is my 5 point strategy for growing the Ontario NDP:

1. Building our Base- When Andrea Horwath was elected Leader in 2009, we had 16,000 members in Ontario. She promised to double that number. Many thought it was too optimistic – even supporters were skeptical. Now we have over 30,000 members. When Jack Layton said we were going to win Quebec, every pundit discounted him. Now we have 58 NDP MPs in Quebec. Friends – hope is better than fear. Forget the naysayers – we can grow our base and succeed if we believe in ourselves. By developing ridings, growing in communities across Ontario and working with Executive, Council and activists, we will grow our numbers and our membership.

2. Keep funds in ridings for stronger local campaigns - More money in the ridings, means more local power and stronger local campaigns. Last year, Ontario New Democrats changed the rules and allowed ridings to keep more money locally. The results were phenominal: ridings in Ontario raised over $700,000, 17 ridings elected New Democrats and 82 ridings got their rebates. When all of our ridings are strong, New Democrats are strong.

3. More training and support at the local level - To win campaigns we need better trained campaign workers in the riding – eday workers, canvass organizers and campaign managers. We need to invest in training. We need to invest in technology. We need to invest in activists. That’s what we need to win. With better training and more dedicated support between elections, ridings can achieve better results.

4. Membership support and engagement - Members sign up to contribute - not just to get calls for money. We need faster responses and cleaner, more accurate databases to help us do our job more efficiently and professionally. More members and donors means less fundraising calls to the same people. Engaging members goes beyond calling for fundraising. It means using the strengths of our membership in policy development, community work and strategic advice. Let’s make use of our best resource – our members!

5. Step it up - Under Andrea Horwath’s leadership we’ve accomplished a lot in the last three years. Now we are in a minority government. We have the opportunity to win. This means we have to step up our fundraising so that we can compete with Liberals and Conservatives – dollar for dollar. I know we can grow. I believe in our Leader. And I believe in each and every one of you. Join me - let’s keep building together!

In solidarity,

Neethan Shan.