Neethan Shan

Neethan Shan is a former City Councillor and TDSB Trustee for Scarborough and is running in the upcoming Municipal Election to return as TDSB Trustee this Fall. He already has five years of direct and extensive experience serving as a public school trustee and two years of experience serving as a City Councillor. Neethan Shan is currently the Executive Director of Urban Alliance on Race Relations.

Neethan Shan began his career as a Youth Development Worker in Scarborough. Neethan went on to become a manager for youth programs. He has developed and implemented over twenty programs in many different schools across Scarborough including Winston Churchill C.I. and David and Mary Thomson C.I.

He has worked as a Math and Science teacher, a college professor, and is the former Executive Director of CanTYD and of the Council of Agencies Serving South Asians.

Neethan’s extensive involvement in the social services sector also includes working with Parent Action on Drugs, Community Use of Schools Council, and Scarborough Youth Task Force, just to name a few organizations.

Currently, Neethan is advocating at all levels of government for a fair share of resources and opportunities for Scarborough’s youth and families. He pushes for policy change at the systemic levels in education, employment, health and justice. He has led many campaigns within diverse communities that have fought for protecting our public education system and universal healthcare.

Neethan lives in Scarborough with his partner Thadsha and two sons. His two sons attend a TDSB school and are in grade 3 and grade 6.